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Hand and a Half Sword
  • Hand and a Half Sword

    This bastard sword is a true work of art, handcrafted by Andrew Golabek of Golabekrafts. The blade is made of 80CRV2 high carbon steel, renowned for its toughness and durability. The sword's cross-guard is crafted from high carbon steel and securely soldered in place, while the pommel is made from antique wrought iron forged and folded together with 32 layers of >150-year-old wagon wheel rims, making this sword truly unique.

    The handle is carved from Katalox wood, also known as Mexican royal ebony, and offers a comfortable grip. The curly maple scabbard is dyed with a black aniline solution and lined with red felt to ensure a snug fit. With a blade length of 76 cm and an overall length of 110 cm, this sword is the perfect size for a hand-and-a-half grip.

    While this particular sword has been previously sold, Andrew Golabek of Golabekrafts can make more upon custom order.


    • Specifications

      Blade Material: 80CRV2 High Carbon  Steel

      Handle Materials: Katalox "Mexican Royal Ebony"

      Pommel: 32 Layers Antique Wrought Iron

      Guard: 1080 High Carbon Steel

      Total Length: 110 cm

      Blade Length: 76 cm

      Blade Width: 6 cm

      Maximum Thickness: 6.4 mm

      Taper To: 2.8 mm

      Point of Balance: 11.5 cm from Guard

      Handle Length: 22.5 cm

      Blade Weight 1737 g (3.8lbs)

      Total Weight with Scabbard: 2453 g (5.4 lbs)

      Scabbard Material: Curly Maple, Red Felt Liner, Leather.


    • Available From

      Directly through Golabekrafts, contact to arrange shipping or pick-up.