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Pronator Trainer STL Files
  • Pronator Trainer STL Files

    Want to print your own Golabekrafts Pronator Trainer? This is for you, 


    Sized in mm, the STL files are ready to be uploaded to your favourite slicing program.


    The thick version must be printed on its side, with supports.

    The thin version can be printed without supports.


    It's recommended to be printed with a large nozzle to reduce printing time and increase strength, use at least 4 walls, and 6 bottom and top layers, with at least 20% infill, as well use a slightly higher printing temperature to increase strength further. 


    It is your responsibility to print the item well if you choose to do so, I'm not responsible for your success with 3D printing this item.


    • File Format and Whats Included

      ZIP File, with STL's for both the Thick and Thin STL of the Pronator Trainer