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Camp Chopper
  • Camp Chopper

    Introducing an exceptional culinary tool, crafted for both outdoor and indoor cooking enthusiasts: a robust and well-balanced knife that excels at cutting vegetables and meat with ease. Featuring a stunning hand-forged finish, this knife is expertly crafted by Andrew Golabek from premium O1 high carbon steel, ensuring unparalleled durability and longevity. Its weight is perfectly balanced to tackle even the heaviest of tasks with ease.

    The knife's full tang handle is meticulously designed for a comfortable and secure grip, with exquisite Gabon Ebony wood and vibrant red G10 liners that make it a visual masterpiece. Every inch of this knife is a testament to the artisan's meticulous attention to detail and passion for their craft, making it not just a tool, but also a work of art that deserves a place in any kitchen or camping kit.


    • Specifications

      Blade Material: O1 High Carbon Tool Steel

      Handle Materials: Gabon Ebony, Red G10 Liners, Brass Pins

      Blade Length: 188 mm

      Blade Width: 68 mm

      Maximum Thickness: 4.1 mm

      Total Weight: 440 g


    • Available From

      Directly through Golabekrafts, contact to arrange shipping or pick-up.