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Pronator Trainer
  • Pronator Trainer

    This is a 3D-printed armwrestling training handle designed for training rising, pronation, and supination strength. With the semicircular design, the force is kept constant through the full range of motion, and in any position for static holds. Ideal for training hand and wrist strength. Comes with the paracord as pictured. 


    Currently, both thick and thin versions have 30mm diameter handles, and a 3 inch radius from the center to the bottom of the groove where the paracord lies. 


    Thick Version-Wider groove (50mm), more support at the top of the handle where your hand may lie. 

    Thin Version-Narrower groove (30mm), easier to pack, takes up significantly less space. 


    Contact me if youre interested in a version with a thicker handle.



    • Specifications

      Material: PETG, Red-Nylon Paracord