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8 Inch Chefs Knife with Jatoba Handle
  • 8 Inch Chefs Knife with Jatoba Handle

    Large  kitchen knife ideal for chopping vegetables and meat, with a hand-forged finish, this knife also has a suitable weight for heavier tasks as well.

    Forged from AEBL stainless steel this knife is very tough and yet easy to sharpen compared to other stainless steels available on the market, making it suitable for heavier duty kitchen tasks.

    • Specifications

      Blade Material: AEBL High Carbon Stainless Steel

      Handle Materials: Jatoba

      Blade Length: 193 mm

      Blade Width: 57 mm

      Maximum Thickness: 5.7 mm

      Taper To: 2.7 mm

      Total Weight: 257 g


    • Available From

      Directly through Golabekrafts, contact to arrange shipping or pick-up.